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I'm considering the conversion of my applicative messenging system from XMPP to AMQP, and since I'm currently using Twisted I'm evaluating txAMQP. So far, it looks good, even if txAMQP is not as advanced as wokkel is for the XMPP protocol (but maybe we can change that...)

I'm having a little problem though. I'd like to get my messages from the rabbitmq server queue one by one, and unless I'm mistaken txAMQP can't do that. Apparently, messages in the server queue are consumed as fast as possible and put in a DeferredQueue object, from which I can get them one by one via get(). However, I have a lot of messages going through my system, and I'd rather have rabbitmq serve as the queue storage area than the client, which has less RAM and performs relatively long-running operations (I have many of them).

I have written a sample code to demonstrate what I'm talking about : http://dpaste.com/hold/696982/ It starts a queue listener and prints the memory usage with guppy every half second. It stops after 3 seconds.
Point it to a full server queue and see the memory usage increase.

Did I do something wrong ? If not, I'm ready to help with a solution, but I'll need some help at the beginning.


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