If this is a duplicate I apologize.  I sent it to the list about a
week ago but I don't see it in the public archive so I assume that it
did not make it.

I am currently using txAMQP in a project that is using RabbitMQ 2.3.1.
At one time in the past I tried moving up to RabbitMQ 2.4.x and txAMQP
did not work. Looking through the bug reports I see there were some
issues reported, but I am not sure if they were ever resolved.  I am
now looking at working with a more recent RabbitMQ version (possibly
2.7.1) and I have a few questions:

- Is anybody using txAMQP successfully with a newer versions of
RabbitMQ (2.4 or later).  If so what version of txAMQP are you using
and did you have do to anything special to get it to work?
- In general, what is the status of txAMQP?  I do not see a lot of
activity with it lately and I am just wondering if anyone is working
on it.
- Depending on the answers to the above questions I might ask if
anyone knows of any good alternatives to txAMQP that work well with

And I would like to also say thanks to the team that built txAMQP...
it has been very useful to me with this project.

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