The last couple of weeks were pretty busy for me, I had in mind to
 fix the tickets you submitted, but I barely had online access. Sorry
 if it gave the impression that the tickets were ignored.

No problem, "real life" happens.

 The thing is that txAMQP has full support for AMQP 0.8, 0.9 and
 0.9.1, and most of the changes are either fixes or cosmetic, but no
 features are planned since all the versions of the AMQP standard are

OK, one obvious question from an AMQP newbie : what about 0.10 ? I tried to run the C++ implementation of the Qpid broker, but it did not work properly (login was refused). On the website, it even looks like the 1.0 spec is final (
Did I miss something in the AMQP story ?

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