John Velman a écrit :
I'm not sure I understand exactly what what you are trying to do but...
> Something like this could be much more general.   More sophisticated
> filters could be used to deal with the c-style /* ...  */ comments and thus
> eliminate the need for putting %  (or in the case of other languages # or
> //  or ..?) at the beginning of each documentation line.
> Question:  Using the current built in preproc filter, can one just set the
> first % in a line to "", and thus eliminate the need for a separate
> pre-process filter?
yes of course:
%!preproc: "^%" ""
^ stand for the beginning of the line in python regular expressions.
> My goal would be to not have to pre-process the source code file, since in
> development there may be many compile-test-compile-test-compile-test
> cycles.

Maybe it is not related to your question, but do not forget the %%% mark 
that delimits a commented section in txt2tags. Adding/removing such a 
mark at the beginning of your text would conveniently swap commented 
sections from comments to code.


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