On Tue, Jun 30, 2009 at 05:15:04PM +0100, Barrie Stott wrote:
> Suppose I have the following where each of asdf and qwer represent a
> block of stuff that we'll suppose is a single paragraph:
> '''
> asdf
> '''
> '''
> qwer
> '''
> When processed by txt2tags, asdf and qwer appear in the same
> paragraph. This leads to two questions:
> 1. Is this the expected behaviour?
> 2. If it is, how can I get the blocks in separage paragraphs?

Many thanks for the replies even though all they really showed was
that my email was difficult to understand.

`Little Girl' suggested that I replaced ''' (for a tagged block) by
``` (for a verbatim block) but my question is about tagged blocks and
not verbatim ones.

I also managed to mislead Aurelio by mentioning paragraphs. I already
knew that what appears in a tagged block to be what Aurelio says:

> it can be anything: a paragraph, an image, a table,
> a list, or all of them.

I was interested in the space **between** the blocks rather than
within them.

I've been using a macro processor to get some common input for html
and lout for tables. The asdf and qwer were actually tables created in
two different ways so that I could compare the results. I was
surprised when they resulted in one block of text even though several
blank lines intervened between the blocks; hence my email.


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