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耿 錚(こう そう) wrote:

> Hi everyone, i start to try txt2tags before 3 days.
> it's a wonderful and simple tool!

It is awesome. (:
> i have a question : can i write like --==strike title==-- ?
> --**strike and blod**-- is available,
> but i cant write eigher --== strike title ==--, ==-- aa --==
> or  ==<s> aa </s>==.

Yep, you have to tell txt2tags that you want it to process HTML tags
after it processes the file.

Use a line like this in the configuration area (line 4 or below in
your file), replacing the curly brackets with whatever syntax you'd
rather use for HTML tags:

%!postproc(html): {(.*?)} <\1>

Then use curly brackets (or whatever syntax you defined) instead of
angled brackets to insert HTML tags in your page.


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Last Updated: %%mtime(%A %B %d, %Y)
%!postproc(html): {(.*?)} <\1>

{del}Strikethrough text{/del}

{font color="red"}Red text{/font}

{b}Bold text{/b}

{font color="red"}{b}{del}Red Bold Strikethrough text{/del}{/b}{/font}

=={del}Strikethrough header{/del}==

=={font color="red"}Red header{/font}==

=={i}Italic header{/i}==

=={font color="red"}{i}{del}Red Italic Strikethrough header{/del}{/i}{/font}==

I have a txt2tags cheat sheet online. It's a bit outdated, but you
might find it useful:


Enjoy. (:

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