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On Tue, May 11, 2010 at 1:16 AM, Justin Vander Ziel <zie...@gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi y'all,
> I've created a mostly complete TiddlyWiki target (converts file to a
> TiddlyWiki "pure-store" tiddler - i.e. html file for import into a
> TiddlyWiki) except that my test subject keeps failing on the image mark-up.
> It seems that for the input line
>      [./foobar.jpg]
> the condition
>     while regex['img'].search(line) and TAGS['img'] != '[\a]':
> is never satisfied and instead the while loop gets stuck resulting in an
> infinite nesting of the image like this
>         [img[img[./foobar.jpg]]]
> If I forceably jump out of the loop and reset the line, the conversion is
> completed.
> The source of the issue seems to be that the Center alignment of an image
> in TiddlyWiki is the default and yet left and right alignment is supported:
>         'img'                  : '[img[\a]]'        ,
>         'imgAlignLeft'         : '[<img[\a]]'       ,
>         'imgAlignRight'        : '[>img[\a]]'       ,
>         'imgAlignCenter'       : '[img[\a]]'        ,
> Full source and debug session log is available upon request. And, of
> course, I plan to share the TiddlyWiki target once I can get it to function.
> Thanks.
~ Justin
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