Comment #2 on issue 44 by aureliojargas: Lout improvements: links,  
crosslinks, style and others

Jonatan Liljedahl wrote more on the style topic:

BTW, regarding the %!style and custom header stuff for lout, I'm not
sure how it should be done to "just work" and also provide user with
full flexibility to adjust the lout document appearance.
I did a python GUI app once that functioned as a frontend to asciidoc
(didn't know about txt2tags then! ;) and lout, where I wrote options out
to a "lout_setup" file which was then included in the main lout file,
and I also had some custom macros for nice front sheet and doc title,
etc.. I'll attach such a lout_setup file. The header in the lout output
file then looks like this:

@SysInclude { tbl }
@SysInclude { eq }
@Include { lout_setup }
@Text @Begin
@Display { Bold 2f } @Font { AlgoScore users guide }
@Display @I { Copyright 2008, Jonatan Liljedahl }

The included lout_setup is simply a stripped down version of
/usr/lib/lout/include/doc. (The original includes "mydefs" by default,
but unfortunately one can't use stuff like @Use { @BasicSetup ... in
more than one place so you can't use "mydefs" for document settings!)

So txt2tags could make a similar simple @Document header as it does now
uf %!style is not given. But if %!style was given, do an @Include {
style } and remove the options between @Document and // in the header.
That should work.

        lout_setup.txt  1.1 KB

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