Comment #1 on issue 23 by aureliojargas: --config-file does not behave  
like %!includeconf

Emmanuel, thank you very much for the detailed report, the analysis and  
even the patch!

I've applied your patch, but then realized that we need some extra work for  
this fix to be 100% ok. The way it is on the patch, the option order is not  
preserved (all common options are saved first, then comes all configs from  
included files) and the included configurations were not passing through  
the filter/ignore process.

I've rewritten the way the get_raw_config() method works, now always saving  
the target ('all' for plain options), so   
ConfigLines().include_config_file() results now can be saved right away,  
integrating with the method's flow.

I've also created a new test for this specific condition in r228, so now we  
be sure it's working as intended. I'll commit the changes and close this  
bug, but please reopen it if you find anything wrong.

I'm glad the harder work was yours. I would have taken so much time to find  
the right spot on the code where this nasty bug was hiding :) Thanks!

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