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New issue 54 by Further patches

I have a few further patches that I'm willing to contribute if there's  

1. XHTML attributes for tables.
Append '{...@class #id !style ^language}' to a table's header row to  
define 'class', 'id', 'style' & 'lang' attributes.  Each attribute is  
optional so e.g. '{...@test ^en}' will generate '<table border="1"  
class="TEST" lang="en">'.

2. Enable additional command line targets & define replacement macros.
By adding '--define <name>' to the command line any '%!preproc(<name>): …'  
is enabled in addition to those of the current target (similarly for  
postproc).  This would allow you to share specific P*Procs between xhtml,  
html & dbk targets for instance.
Additionally, '--define <name>=<value>' will substitute all occurrences  
of '${<name>}' in the input document with '<value>'.  This substitution  
happens before PreProcs.  (I'm sure you can think of some uses for this.)
Multiple '--define name[=value]' args may be specified.  (Each must have a  
unique name.)
Args of the form '-Dname[=value]' are also accepted.

3. Improved XML list legibility (& PostProc-ability).
A small patch that generates '<li>list item.</li>' instead of  '<li>list  
For HTML, XHTML & DocBook too.
[This could be combined with my '<p>paragraph.</p>' patch.]

4. Support for outputting multiple [X]HTML files.
A small update to the patch submitted in issue 29.

[The results of all these changes may be seen in action in the new HTML  
help for svnX here:
  <> .]

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