Hi all,

I'm making some progress with the tiddlywiki plugin for parsing the
txt2tags format.  It is by no means complete, but I'll be ready to
make it available to other users soon.  What's the best method for
releasing this code?

A plugin for tiddlywiki is just a specially-formatted wiki page, so I
can provide the raw txt and users would just copy-paste the text into
a tiddlywiki page.  Alternatively I could just download the "empty"
tiddlywiki and add the plugin myself.  This would be easier for users
wanting a fresh tiddlywiki pre-configured to use txt2tags, but even an
"empty" tiddlywiki file is ~350 kilobytes, if code footprint is a
concern at all.

There's also licensing.  Tiddlywiki itself is BSD licensed (does this
mean it can't be included in txt2tags?).  I haven't decided on the
license I want for my plugin... I don't particularly care, as it can't
really be distributed without it's source and it's just a page or
javascript.  Any suggestions for me to use?  I could use GPL like
txt2tags does.

David Young

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