John Gruber and Aurelio Jargas, the respective founders of markdown and 
txt2tags, have just announced the imminent release of mark2tags, the future of 
wiki markup.

It will be the next industry standard, with an innovative syntax everyone will 
agree on.

"mark2tags, the last wiki syntax you'll ever need to learn. Period."

= Heading level 1 =

-- Heading level 2 --


****bold and italic**** 
******bold, underlined and italic******

{}[here is a link to facebook]

{image.jpg}[image title]

& list item 1
& list item 2
&& sublist
&& sublist 2
&&& subsublist

♓ numbered list item 1
♓ numbered list item 2
♓ numbered list item 3

It will also include social markup, such as:

lol(for funny paragraphs)
like(for sharing on facebook automatically)
tumblr{image.jpg}  for publishing on tumblr

We hope you'll like it.

After the 2nd of April, and will merge and automatically redirect to

We advice you to migrate to the new markup as soon as possible.

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