> I like it, thanks Eric!

Great. I've updated it slightly, by adding a decentralized dot inside the green 
dot, so now it looks more like every target is supposed to be unique, and 
different from the t2t source.

You can see it there: http://wiki.txt2tags.org/index.php/Main/Logo

I've commited the changes on svn, and added mime-type for linux as well.

If necessary, I can still update the logo further to suit your preferences.

> Using the glider won't be a problem?

I don't think so:


"The glider is not copyrighted or trademarked."

Yet I didn't necessary wanted it to look like the glider at first, but it's a 
conveniant form, and it's also a cool symbol. I also think it fits well 
txt2tags' possibilities for hacking texts.

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I like it, thanks Eric!

Using the glider won't be a problem?
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