we have updated a few projects recently (it's not on the txt2tags git yet), 
thanks to a clever student which is quite at ease with regex.

+ txt2tags.js: even if it's still not perfect, it's more faithful to the 
txt2tags specifications. The tables are displaying well now and there are 
several bugfixes.

+ markitup: much work was made on it. Now it's possible to select some text, 
add a markup (for example bold), and if you click again on the bold icon it 
will remove the markup. There is also a kind of "eraser" for removing all 
markup from a text, in order to clean it.There is a "table wizard", which can 
help prototyping big tables with a few clicks.
+ the lionwiki CMS is including txt2tags and the features above, with a live 
preview now. There is also a convenient upload tool, which is txt2tags aware 
(add an image on the wiki with only a few clicks)

You can test all this there: http://wiki.txt2tags.org/demos/lionwiki-t2t/

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