I am using txt2tags to make an html guide to files in
    local directories.

    The t2t file has links coded like this -
    [foobar.txt file:///home/rch/foobar.txt]

    But some of the file names have got non-alpha characters
    e.g. « ![file name[.txt »

    For such files, this doesn't work -
    [pathological name file:///home/rch/![file name[.txt]

    But neither does this -
    [pathological name  file:///home/rch/![file name&#91.txt]

    Is there a work around to get this in the html -
<A  HREF="file:///home/rch/&#33;&#91;file&#32;name&#91.txt">pathological
name </A>


     Richard H

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