Howdy gang
 If you have not heard or do not know about the Fly Fish Texas Spring show mark some dates in you palm pilot.
ol Al

Hi everyone, good news for next year:
Fly Fish Texas will be held on March 5, 2005. Shallow Water Expo will be March 12 & 13 and Sowbug Roundup on March 17 thru 19. No date conflicts so please mark your calendar and set your plans to join us for another great day teaching people about fly fishing. I updated our website for the date and will begin revising for any upcoming changes.
Contact me with any suggestions or new ideas. I hope everyone can take part, we should have several more volunteers to help out this time. By showtime, we hope to have a new Fly Fishing Pavilion much like the present Angler's Pavilion where our fly tyers set up. Each year this show grows and gets better. Thanks for your past efforts and participation!!!
Walter McLendon
Allen R. Crise FFF Master Fly Casting Instructor
Hawk Ridge Tackle & Flycasting School
2508 A  CR 1011
Glen Rose, Tx, 76043

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