My reason for asking is for those times when you are thinking about travelling to a river that you are unfamiliar with. Checking the flow chart might give an indication of whether you should bother to make the trip or not.

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I know if it's safe as soon as I see it.  If not then, when I get in it.  I
know that's not the answer you're looking for but I think there are way to
many variables to be able to say what's safe or not depending on the river.

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> For those of you who are savvy about such things, what is an acceptable > flow rate for wade fishing in rivers and streams? I want to know such > things as maximum flow rate for safe wading, drifting, etc. > > Thanks. > > - Gary > > . > . > . > For "unsubcribe" instructions, send an e-mail to > [EMAIL PROTECTED] >

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