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You are subscribed to both the Texas (TXWWFF) list and the National (FLYFISH) list. I "own" both lists and they are the two that I am talking about combining.

If you want to drop one or the other, send an e-mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED] and you will get an e-mail with instructions on how to do so.

- Gary

At 09:35 PM 6/3/04, you wrote:

I am not sure what is going on. I am getting emails at
2 different email accounts and none of the emails are
the same. One header says RE:FLYFISH the other says
RE: TXWWFF. Are these the same lists? And as far as
traffic, a ton of the emails are from folks I have
never seen on the list before.
I do agree with what Roger said. I would prefer the
old read at my leisure website rather than dumping a
lot of emails everyday. I use msn for my list mail
rather than outlook so I think my own digest is out
and i really do not want to unsubscribe. As for
throwing on with a national mist, I think that would
take away from the personal context that I have come
to enjoy. Most of the conversation has revolved around
places I actually have a chance to fish, and, even
though I have not met most of you guys, I enjoy
reading the stories, questions and inside jokes. If
you pitch in with a larger list, I understand and will
not gripe or unsubscribe.
Just my thoughts

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