Cool Jack, congrats! Things are busy here with the kids and keeping the EX off my back. I might be able to make the July meeting.


I looked it up. That weekend, the Austin Fly Fishers is going to camp and fish on the San Saba. Through an oversight, we aren't going on normal June trip on the Llano at Homer Martin's so we're going to stay at a place on the San Saba. That's about 30 miles north of Mason. The river there is supposed to be deep, slow and clear, lightly fished and full of big bass. You, and everyone else, would be welcome to come with us. Supposedly you wouldn't need a boat for this location. I'll post some more info when I have it.

This month's Southwest Fly Fishing has an article by Phil Shook about fishing Town Lake in Austin. Says pretty much about what I told you. It also talks about our annual tournament, the AFF Perchmaster's Classic. This year I replaced Lane as the Perchmaster.

Jack Graham Jones wrote:

Thanks. Town Lake would be right there. Maybe I can take my tube along.

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Believe it or not, there are some big fish in Town Lake, downtown
austin. They can be hard to catch tho'. The lake record for
sunnies is almost 3 pounds, bass close to 10. There are also some
huge carp. The upper third of the lake is better, barton
springs/Austin high on up. Best from a canoe or kayak, since no
wading is allowed. There's a rental place at the Holiday Inn at
I-35 and the lake if you don't want to bring your own. June 19
sets off alarms for something, I'll have to check my calendar and
get back to you.


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