Happy Hour Reminder and Planning Meeting

We hope to see you at Bailey's in Chapel Hill this evening at 7:00 PM.

*****Pizza, Cake and Planning Meeting - This Monday (8/13) at Temple Beth

We're counting on you. Only we can help ourselves create a vibrant and warm
young Jewish community in the triangle. Join us for pizza and birthday cake
this Monday (9/13) night at Temple Beth Or in Raleigh at 7:30 PM as we plan
some fun events for the next few months. If you can't make it, but are
interested e-mail [EMAIL PROTECTED] or call Dave at 858-5607.

It's the new year and TYJP's 3rd Birthday. Help make plans for our friends,
activities, community service, holidays and goals for the coming quarter and
year. Your time and thoughts make the difference. Please RSVP to Dave at
858-5607 or [EMAIL PROTECTED] See you there!

Directions - From points west, 40 to exit 289 Wade Ave, Inner Beltline to
Glenwood Ave (exit 6) to Crabtree, US70W/50N After the shopping center, turn
right on to NC50 (Creedmoor Road). This is opposite of Sears and the same
side of the street as Circuit City. Take Creedmoor Road about 1.5 miles  and
U-Turn at Millbrook Road (traffic light) to turn back around Creedmoor going
South. The Temple is on the right side. The sign is fairly small. If you
need better directions, e-mail [EMAIL PROTECTED]

The board will meet at 7:00 PM. Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!


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