A note from Helena at Duke's Freeman Center for Jewish Life:


first, i would like to wish everyone a l'shanah tovah!  we hand an amazing
high holidays over at the freeman center for jewish life.

I just want all of you at tyjp to know that on Nov 5 there will be a
Graduate/Professinal Shabbat at the fcjl.  I hope that tyjp folks will be
interested in coming, so mark your calendars.  (another announcement will
be sent as the date gets closer)

I also want to give you some "food for thought."  the fcjl has dining
facilities and we serve dinner 5 nights a week.  our chefs are amazing (we
are eating tuna steaks and salmon every night)!!!!  no reservations are
required mon-thurs.  wed is often deli night (inless we run out of meat
and have not gotten our next delivery).  meals run between $10 and $13.
anyway, it is just an idea.


Helena Lawrence
Program Coordinator
Freeman Center for Jewish Life
Duke University
Box 90936
Durham, NC  27708-0936

1415 Faber Street
Campus Drive @ Swift Avenue

Phone:  (919) 684-6526
Fax:  (919) 684-6451

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