This isn't as punctual as we'd like it... however if
you can help, please
call. the contact in Chapel Hill.

-----Original Message-----
From: Durham-Chapel Hill Jewish Federation
Sent: Wednesday, June 14, 2000 11:22 AM
To: Jewish Federation
Subject: Help for a Leukemia Patient

>From the Durham-Chapel Hill Jewish Federation:
Please accept our apologies if you received this message more than once.
This email is being forwarded to you at the request of Judea Reform
congregant, Farley Bernholz, who hopes there are some members of the
Durham-Chapel Hill Jewish community who could help out.

>From Farley:
My OB-GYN and his nurse called me yesterday about this boy because I have
positive blood. This family is Jewish and Judy thought the community might
be willing to help out. I don't know what your policy is on distribution
if this fits into it, it might increase their blood pool.

>From Judy and Dr. James Dingfelder:
We need help for Hunter Ruderman. Hunter is a just-turned-one little
with AML leukemia who, after his first course of chemotherapy was
a treatment failure because he continued to have cancer cells in his
cerebrospinal fluid. His only hope is a stem cell or cord blood
which they do at Duke. Hunter and his parents, Lori and Joel will be
to Duke in about a week to 10 days (as soon as his white count his high
enough for him to travel). We need folks who are B + and would be willing
be called upon as potential donors for Hunter. This litttle boy is from
Maryland and his folks really don't know anyone here in this area - they
will be staying at Ronald McDonald (Joel will, Lori will stay at the
hospital with Hunter) House. If you or someone you know are B +, please
us know. Thanks. Judi and Jim Dingfelder (Office phone number in Chapel
Hill: 942-4100)

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