Shalom y'all,

Get ready to havdalah! And don't forget about the TYJP board meeting
this sunday at 11 am at Sharon's house!

Here are the directions to get to Stu Kaskawits' house for the havdalah
tomorrow. The party starts at 3, but going into the pool will depend on
the weather. 

Directions to Stu's house from I-540

Take I-540 North to the last exit - Leesville Road.
Take a left on to Leesville Road.
Take a right at the second gas station (Phillips 66) Hickory Grove
Church Road.
Go to the end (stop sign).
Take a right on to Carpenter's Pond Road.
Take the next right (road not a driveway) on to Laurdane Road.
Take a left on to Ethan Lane.
The house is the 2nd mailbox on the right - 3017 Ethan Lane.
Please park on the right side either ahead or behind the mailbox.
If you get lost, call 676-0424.

Date: August 5, 2000
Time: 3 pm

What to bring:
- Extra lounge chair
- Mosquitoe Repellent
- Bathing suit and towel          
- Something to grill
- Snack or side dish or drinks.

Brief service at sundown.

And please remember, after you eat, wait an hour before you swim
again. Otherwise, David Hasselhoff will kick your butt!
1 final note: If you want to contact Joe Kleinman with any events, event
changes, or calendars, please contact him at [EMAIL PROTECTED] (NOT
Hotmail) or at [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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