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This here's another installation of good vibration coming
from TYJP! This email was funktified, fortified, and packed full o'
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This is what's going on! 

1. Meet the Prez (no, not Clinton!) Mon Aug 14 at 7:30 PM at Dave Kaye's
2. NC Museum of Art Movie- "The Godfather" (Hey, I'll make you an offer
you can't refuse) Sept 9 9 pm at NCMA
3. There is no third item.
1. Meet the Prez Monday, August 14 7:30 p.m. at home of Dave Kaye no cost

Do you want to know more about Jewish community life in Raleigh-Cary? Come
out for desserts and a conversation with Judah Segal, Executive Director
of the R/C Federation. He will be joining us in place of Glenn Simon.

RSVP: Dave Kaye at 858-5607 or e-mail at [EMAIL PROTECTED]


2. The Godfather (duh gahdfadduh for those of you from New York City, dah
gadfadda for those of you from Boston)

Hey fuhgeddabowdit, we're making you an offer you won't want to
refuse! TYJP is going to the outdoor movies at the NC Musuem of Art.  The
annual outdoor film series is showing "The Godfather" on September 9, 2000
at 9:00 p.m.  It's a drive-in without the cars, an outdoor party with a
movie screen. 

If you'd like, bring a blanket, camp chairs, picnic dinner, bottle of wine
(and a bottle of bug spray).  Popcorn, soft drinks and juice are sold at
the museum.  Glass containers are allowed but discouraged.  

Prices are $4.00.  We'll meet at 8:30 by the ticket sales booth.  If you
arrive late, look for the balloon to find the group.  So get out of those
cement shoes and contact our happy host Erika Stahl at 919-596-0377 or
[EMAIL PROTECTED] for more information and RSVP!

3. Nothing, but if I think of something, I'll let you know!

And the top 5 signs your vice presidential candidate may be Jewish...

5. Defense budget cut proposal- NEVER pay retail for nuclear weapons!
4. Suggests new cabinet position- Mother.
3. Suggests changing the White House to the Blue and White House.
2. Thinks Camp David is a sleepaway camp for Jewish kids,
1. Absolutely refuses to mix milk and Clinton during the same meal!

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