Two large community events take place on Sunday. Both are in N. Raleigh
and run consecutively. 

1. Pool Party -(Volunteer Opps. Too)2-6PM Sunday - openhouse, Raleigh
2. Ethiopian Jewry Program - 10AM -2PM Sunday - pick and choose times,

Stay tuned for information on our combined young adults' picnic.

1.Pool Party 2-6 PM - Raleigh JCC

The Raleigh/Cary JCC will host a grand pool party with cookout, prizes,
raffles (including a free hotel evening), and fun this Sunday from 2-6
PM. Everyone is welcome and the event is free. Food might be extra
(lemonade and watermellon should be free). The JCC is expecting a large
crowd and this is a great chance to be with the community. Come out for a
swim or sing a Karaoke tune. We need help too. volunteers are needed to
slice watermellon, greet people, help run swim relays... Please call
Debbie Meadows if you can help at 556-0408. No RSVP necessary... bring
your friends, too. 

Beltline to Glenwood Ave W. Turn right on to NC50 - Creedmoor Road (just 
after Crabtree). Head North for about 5 miles past Strickland and 
Baileywick Roads. Turn Left at Norwood Road (service stations on left w/ 
traffic light). Cross over Old Creedmoor Road. After, Soapstone Church, 
turn left into the JCC.

Durham/ Chapel Hill (30-40 minutes)
I-40 East to I-540N, exit at 70E, at bottom of ramp, turn left on to 
Westgate Road (do not get on US70).  Take Westgate until it ends and make
left on Leesville Road (~7 minutes).  At the next light, 300 yards, turn 
left on Leesville Road, again. Follow the road as it turns around the bend 
and make a right on Norwood Road.  At a clearing on the right is the JCC. 
If you come to Soapstone Church, turn around.

JCC -12804 Norwood Road, (919)676-6170

2. Program on Ethiopian Jewry

Come out and learn more about Ethiopian Jewry.

 I'm trying to advertise the program below to the Jewish community -
 and others.  Please pass this info on to your respective e-mail lists as
 you see fit.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me
 ([EMAIL PROTECTED] or 847-6884).

 A little background . . .
 I was contacted by Ray Buchanan of Stop Hunger Now (a global food
 relief organization) about helping with the current problem of famine in
 Ethiopia and Eritrea.  After much thought and discussion, I linked this
 to the subject of Ethiopian Jewry and came up with the program described
 below.  I'm very excited about the speakers and activities we have
planned - and
 very concerned that we too often "sit idly by" as we watch events around
 the world.   Please join me in publicizing this program on August 20.

 ALSO - Ms. Gordon is coming in to town on Wednesday, August 16 and I
 am working hard to "book" spots for her to meet and speak to people
 around the community.  If you have a book club, a  lunch group, a board
 etc., and would be interested in having her visit, please call me ASAP.
 is an accomplished speaker and addresses a myriad of issues involving
 Ethiopian Jewry.  She speaks to both Jewish and non-Jewish groups, black
 white, on a regular basis.

 Ms. Gordon will be speaking at Beth Meyer Synagogue in Raleigh at Erev
 services (August 18) at Beth Meyer Synagogue and at the kiddush at
 Israel on Shabbat morning (August 19).    Her talks on Sunday will be
unique and
 different from talks given during the days preceding.

 Thanks for helping to spread the word . . .below in the info regarding
 our program, Ethiopian Jewry: ReVisited.

 In 1984, Operation Moses airlifted nearly 8,000 Jews from Ethiopia to
 Israel.  In 1991, Operation Solomon, a true miracle in our times,
 over 14,000 Jews to Israel.  Where are they now  and what happened to the
 4,000 Jews left behind?  These are just two issues that will be addressed
 Ethiopian Jewry: ReVisited on Sunday, August 20 at Beth Meyer
 Synagogue.  It will be an opportunity to learn more about this
segment of
 our Jewish community as well as the dire need for help both for the
 community in Israel and for those facing famine in Ethiopia.

 Barbara Ribakove Gordon
     Named the Unsung Hero of the Year in 1986 by the New York Jewish
 Week, Ms. Gordon first  went to Ethiopia in 1981.  She witnessed
 poverty and illness, and awe-inspiring dignity and Jewish commitment.
 NACOEJ continues to work for the welfare of Ethiopian Jews both in Israel
 in Ethiopia.

 Ray Buchanan
 Mr. Buchanan has been working to feed hungry people for over 20 years.
 Among many other distinguished awards,  he received the  National
 of Christians & Jews Humanitarian Award  in 1998 .  His work has been
 covered in newspapers coast-to-coast and  he has appeared on several
network news
 programs.  He is currently working on famine relief efforts in both
 Ethiopia and Eritrea.

 Schedule  of Activities . . .

 10:00 The Gondar Theater, The Nile Marketplace, and The Addis Ababa
 Caf- Open until 2 p.m.

 10:30   Barbara Ribakove Gordon
 Executive Director

 11:15   Ray Buchanan
 Founder and Director
 Stop Hunger Now

 12:00   Barbara Ribakove Gordon
 Executive Director
 (repeat of the 10:30 program)

 12:45   Ray Buchanan
 Founder and Director
 Stop Hunger Now
 (repeat of the 11:15 program)


 The Gondar Theater
     The Gondar Theater will continuously show
 videos about Ethiopian Jewry and Famine Relief efforts throughout the

 The Nile Marketplace
     The Nile Marketplace will carry handicrafts produced by Ethiopian
 Jews. Ritual as well as general items will be available at a wide range
 We will be able to accept checks or cash, sorry no credit cards!

 The Addis Ababa Caf
     Our Caf will feature Ethiopian dishes prepared under the careful
 guidance of Friesh Genet Dabi of the Blue Nile Restaurant in Durham.
 We will also have available for sale Ethiopian coffee and wine.

     We encourage you to bring the whole family to this event.  We will
 have supervision on our playground for young children.

     Please call Amy Ripps at 847-6884 ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) with any
 questions about this program!

We are located in north Raleigh on a connecting road between Six Forks
Rd. and Falls of the Neuse Rd.

If you are coming from I-40 (RDU Airport & Chapel Hill)
Continue on I-40 until you approach the Raleigh area. You will see the
Wade Avenue exit. Take this exit and continue on the divided highway to
I-440/64 North (which is the Raleigh Beltline.) Take this - then follow
the directions below "From the Beltline." (You will be on the "inner" lane
of the Beltline - going clockwise.)

If you are coming from Highway 70 (RDU Airport & Durham)
Continue on 70-East into Raleigh, keep going until you pass Crabtree
Valley Mall. Shortly thereafter you will see signs for I-440/64 (which is
the Raleigh Beltline.) Take the exit for Wake Forest & Rocky Mount (go
under the the overpass to reach this exit. You will then be on the
"inner" lane of the Beltline - going clockwise.) Then continue with the
directions below "From the Beltline"

>From the Beltline
Take the exit for Six Forks Rd. North (going under the overpass to reach
the exit from the "inner" lane - or before the overpass if you are on the
"outer" lane of the Beltline.) Take Six Forks Rd. north past North Hills
Mall, past Millbrook Rd. and past Lynn Rd. There is a traffic light at
Newton Rd., and Miller's Ace Hardware on the right. Turn right on Newton
Rd., and Beth Meyer is 1/4 mile down on the right.

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