Please RSVP for the planning meeting ASAP.  Hope to see you Sunday.  Thanks.  

Planning Meeting Sunday, February 11 at 11 am. 
Sherry Van Wie's house 
5123 Winged Elm Drive, Raleigh 
See directions below.

We need your input!  Do you have a great idea for an event?  Are you 
available to help plan or host some activities?  Come to the planning meeting 
on Sunday, February 11 at 11 am (board meeting at 9:30 am) at Sherry Van 
Wie's house.  TYJP sponsors feeding the homeless, hosting discussions, happy 
hours and picnics.  RSVP by Friday, February 9 to Sherry at 250-9098 or  <A 
[EMAIL PROTECTED]  </A>so food purchases may be made.  If you are unable to 
attend but have some ideas, please contact Sherry. 

>From North Raleigh
Take the inner beltline to Exit 15 Poole Road (this is the exit past Exit 13 
New Bern Avenue to Rocky Mount). About a mile prior to the Exit 15 the right 
lane will end so you will be need to be in the center lane.  Make a left at 
the light at the top of the exit ramp onto Poole Road.

Continue on Poole Road for about a mile.  Cross over New Hope Road at the 
light.  There is an Exxon Gas Station on the left.  Continue for about .3 
Turn right onto Cannon Ridge Drive.  When turning onto Cannon Ridge Drive, 
you will see a sign for Cannon Ridge Townhouses on the right and Williford 
Place Houses on the left.  (If you reach the Texaco on the left you just 
missed the turn.)
Continue to the 4th street and turn right onto Winged Elm Drive.  I am on the 
5123 Winged Elm Drive.  The street will dead end at a community area which is 
just an open grass area.  Please park to the LEFT of my house in the parking 
spaces or in the community area parking.

>From South Raleigh
Take the outer beltline.  When 40 and 440 split make sure you are to the left 
and continue on 440.  This split occurs at exit 301. The very next exit is 
Poole Road Exit 15.  At the end of the exit ramp take a right. Follow 
directions above starting with Continue on Poole Road for about a mile.  

>From Durham or Chapel Hill
Take 40 East to either the inner or outer beltline.  I am almost at the other 
side of Raleigh.  It is approximately the same mileage either way.

If you come inner beltline at Exit 289 on 40 you will continue on the Wade 
Avenue extension and enter the beltline at Exit 4.  Then follow directions 
above for North Raleigh starting at the beginning. 

If you come outer beltline at exit 289 you will continue to exit 301 and 
follow directions above for South Raleigh starting at the beginning.

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