TYJP 7 Minute Dating Event - 2/24/2001

Welcome to 7 minute Dating. This is an opportunity
to meet other Jewish singles one on one. All you
need to do to participate is complete the form below
and return via e-mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

If you'd like to attend the event but do not want to participate, please 
email Stu with the dessert you are bringing.

Remember, due to time constraints, the first 20 men
& 20 women will be included in this session of 7 minute
dating. If we receive a strong response, we will consider
scheduling future sessions.

When: February 24, at 7 pm
Where: Park Village Clubhouse (see e-mail address)
Cost: $20 new TYJP members,renewals  ($18 + $2)
      $5 for non-members

Let's begin:

Your e-mail address: (this is the e-mail you will exchange)

Your full name:

Your first name to be provided to your 7 minute dates (if different from 

Where do you live (Raleigh, Cary...): 

What is your age?

What is your occupation?

Are you a TYJP member?
If not, would you like more information about TYJP?

Why did you decide to participate in 7 minute dating?

Would you be interested in future 7 minute dating events?

What would you like to bring to the dessert pot-luck?

Please return the completed form to [EMAIL PROTECTED] (This is your RSVP).

Thank you for your interest in 7 Minute dating @ TYJP!

Reply via email to