Sunday, April 1, 10am, Soccer Game!
Come show off your skills on the field or learn some new ones.  All levels 
of experience welcome. It is not about winning or losing, its more about 
having fun (although I did find from experience that I tend to have much 
more fun when I win, but that's another story...)

0. Time and date: Sunday, April 1st, 10am. 

1.  Location of event: Duke Universty astroturf field, right next to
    the Duke soccer field. It is in the vicinity of the footbal field
    and the basketball arena. (Since the field is artificial turf,
    you need flat shoes, preferably Nike since I own stock in the
    company. No studed soccer shoes.)

2. Contact info: Please rsvp to [EMAIL PROTECTED] so that I have a
   count of how many bagels to get.

3. Directions from anywhere in the universe:

   3.1 Reach escape velocity from whatever planet you are coming from.
   3.2 Head towards the intersection of I-40 and 15-501.
   3.3 Take 15-501 towards Durham.
   3.4 Stay on 15-501 for a few miles (3 or 4...) until you intersect
   3.5 Turn right onto 751, heading towards Duke university and the
       Washington Duke Inn.
   3.6 Go straight thru one light and take a left on the second light.
   3.7 The Duke astroturf field is immediately to your right.

   If all else fails, ask somebody how to get to Cameron Indoor 
Stadium...The astroturf field is very close to it.


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