Please note, this is from Matt Slotkin.  Any questions
should be directed his way.  Thanks.

I well respect some of you traversed deep south to WW
in Alabama already this year.  Notwithstanding, June
9th weekend offers opportunity a bit closer to home,
Nantahala.  To my understanding, Dan Hirschman, atty
for Southern Environmental Law Center (great guy) and
a female friend of his and MYSELF are the only locals
thus far enlisted in foray.  I encourage others to
inquire.  Apparently coordinated through Atlanta's
Mosiac group.  My sense is about 20 are signed on
already.  For more info, e-mail the woman I'm copying
or call or write me.  Horses (yes!), kayaking
(ultimate rush), NC mountains (e.g., hiking, grand
vistas).  And very reasonably priced.  

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