July 28, 2001, 7:30 p.m. 

Trivia night at Marcís house
Bring your own refreshments and snacks and join
us as we test your trivia knowledge.
If youíve been to Marcís home before, be aware
that he moved to a new place in mid-June
(Fidelity Court Condominiums - 400 Davie Road Apt
71).  Here are the directions:

>From 40W:
Get off at exit 273B (54W Chapel Hill). Stay on
54W until the 54 & 15-501 junction (about 2
miles). Take the exit for 54 West & 15-501 South.
It will be on your right immediately AFTER the
overpass. REMAIN ON THIS ROAD. Eventually 15-501
South will drop off, and you will just be on 54W.
After this split, you will pass the Merritt Mill
Road exit, followed by the Jones Ferry Road exit.
 Get off at the Jones Ferry Road exit and turn
right.  Take a left at the BP station (Itís Davie
Road - there is no sign).  About ľ mile later on
the left, is the entrance to Fidelity Court.  My
apartment (Apt 71) will come before the
entrance, on the left.  Park inside Fidelity
Court, and come 
around through the back entrance because I donít
want my cat getting out the front entrance and
onto the street.  If you use the back you wonít
have to worry about the cat, who is welcome to
come and go through that entrance as she pleases.
 Youíll recognize my place from the back because
it has a bigger, more modern fan and two green
chairs outside.  It is directly across from the
laundry room.

>From 15-501 S:
Take 15-501 until it merges w/54West.  From
there, follow the above directions from REMAIN ON

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