TYJP needs volunteers to "host" a few events.  Many
events are already taken but these few are left. 
Please reply to this email if you are interested in
hosting (or co-hosting) this event. It's easy, fun and
a mitzvah!   

1.  Select a location (if needed) for the event.  
2.  Select a time.  
3.  Email location, directions and time to
4.  Show up with an identifying marker (like a
balloon).  That's all there is to it!  

Sunday, October 21, State Fair.  Want to go to the
State Fair on a brisk, fall afternoon or evening? 
Hosting his event involves selecting a day and time to
meet at a pre-determined location.  You'll enjoy the
State Fair together.     

Sunday, November 11, Dogs in the Park.  Got a dog? 
Like dogs?  We thought all the "dog people" might like
to have their furry children get together and run
around.  Perhaps take a little hike?  It's up to you! 
No dog necessary to host or to attend!

Tuesday, December 11, Hanukkah Party Dinner.  Select a
restaurant or bar for dinner or happy hour. 

Tuesday, December 25, Homeless Shelter.  TYJP has gone
to a shelter each Christmas day for the past few
years. It's a very popular event and the group usually
finds a place for lunch together afterwards.  Some
TYJPers have even found dates with policeman by
hanging out at the Waffle House.  You know who you
are.  Please sign up to be the host of this event. 
All you need to do is agree on a meeting time and
place.  Come on, what else are you going to do today?

Tuesday, December 25, Dinner or dessert & Game Night. 
Another TYJP popular radition.  Want to host this at
your hour or apartment?  It can be potluck dinner or
dessert, game playing or just hanging out.  If you're
the host, you choose.  Again, what else are you going
to do today?   

Reminder!  TYJP dues for the reminder of the TYJP year
is only $9 (annual renewals are in February).  Please
send your check for $9 payable to "TYJP" to 
Ron Winick 9724 Erinsbrook Dr.  Raleigh, NC 27617.   

Triangle Young Jewish Professionals.  Bringing together Jewish people across the 
Triangle.  Past mailings can be found at our website:  www.rtpnet.org/tyjp
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