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1.  Shmooze and Views (Nov 7)
2.  Medical Ethics with NPR's Linda Belens (Nov 11)
3.  Kaballah class (Nov 26)
4.  Homeless Shelter project (Dec 1) 


The first Wednesday of every month is Shmooze and
Views (November 7).   The discussion and dinner
location this month is Foster's market in Chapel Hill.
 Upon request of the many shmoozers last month, we'll
continue our discussion regarding current world events
and repairing the world. Please join us even if you
didn't come last month! 6:30 for dinner, 7:00 for

Sunday, November 11, 3:30 pm. Join host Linda Belans
and producer Beverley Abel for a discussion of Medical
Ethics based on their radio magazine series "Do No
Harm." The series is airing nationally on public radio
stations. Linda Belans is an award-winning journalist
and has a national reputation as a public speaking and
media coach. Beverley Abel is an announcer and
producer for WUNC 91.5, the local NPR station. They
will be joined by Dr. Kimberly Blackwell, Assistant
Professor of Medicine, Duke University
Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Program. At NC Hillel,
210 West Cameron Ave., Chapel Hill.


Kaballah class is November 26 at the Lubovitch Center
in Raleigh.  For more information, please contact


Homeless Shelter Project
When: Saturday, Dec 1rst
Where: Ron Winick's house (directions coming soon)
What to bring: scissors(sharp), pinking shears, extra
fabric or decorations, sewing machine ...if you have
any of them
What's it all about...
It's that time of the year 
to warm some less fortunate hearts
We're going to make some scarves and gloves
for some kids' and adults
TYJP bought some colorful fleece
Now we need your creative expertise
We also need some volunteers
To help spread the holiday cheer
If you can cut with scissors
or handle some pins,
A few of us will sew,
Teamwork is a situation "win-win"
For just a few hours out of your day
The kids' will surely say
"I'd rather be warm this winter"
"Than have some toys to play"
We'll wrap the warm gifts
and deliver them Xmas day
Seeing all the smiles
We'll make everyone's day
If you'd like to learn how to sew,
It's Deanna you can ask!
Sewing with fleece is a very easy task!
Please RSVP to Deanna by November 15th: 845-2145 or
[EMAIL PROTECTED] with any questions
or concerns
Thank you!!!!!!!!

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