1.  Please note:  Kaballah class for Nov 26 has been
cancelled but will resume Dec 17.  

2.  Please remember to participate in the homeless
shelter project.  See details below.  No experience
necessary and your mother will be proud of your
selflessness.  The project will be delivered on
Christmas Day to the shelter.  The Third Annual Dec 25
Games Night will be that evening also.  Details

3.  Speaker coming on the Jewish tradition of Human
Rights.  See details below. The December Shmooze and
Views will be on Human Rights as well. 

Homeless Shelter Project
When: Saturday, Dec 1rst
Where: Ron Winick's house (directions coming soon)
What to bring: scissors(sharp), pinking shears, extra
fabric or decorations, sewing machine ...if you have
any of them
What's it all about...
It's that time of the year 
to warm some less fortunate hearts
We're going to make some scarves and gloves
for some kids' and adults
TYJP bought some colorful fleece
Now we need your creative expertise
We also need some volunteers
To help spread the holiday cheer
If you can cut with scissors
or handle some pins,
A few of us will sew,
Teamwork is a situation "win-win"
For just a few hours out of your day
The kids' will surely say
"I'd rather be warm this winter"
"Than have some toys to play"
We'll wrap the warm gifts
and deliver them Xmas day
Seeing all the smiles
We'll make everyone's day
If you'd like to learn how to sew,
It's Deanna you can ask!
Sewing with fleece is a very easy task!
Please RSVP to Deanna: 845-2145 or
[EMAIL PROTECTED] with any questions
or concerns
Thank you!!!!!!!!

Rabbis For Human Rights' Arik Ascherman will be a
guest speaker at the Freeman Center for Jewish Life,
at Duke University, 1415 Faber Street, corner of
Campus Drive and Swift Avenue, on Wed., Nov. 28th at

Rabbis for Human Rights 
is the only organization in Israel today concerned
specifically with giving voice to the Jewish tradition
of human rights. 

RHR is involved in ecumenical dialogue and educational
activities. In addition to dealing with violations of
human rights of West Bank Palestinians and Israeli
RHR concerns itself with foreign workers, the Israeli
health care system, the status of women, Ethiopian
Jews, an Israeli bill of rights, to name only a few

Current projects include: 
Participation in the Israeli Coalition for the
Prevention of Home Demolitions, including a campaign
to find "adopting" families for the over 2,000
Palestinian families who currently have demolition
orders on their homes 
Participation in "Etzba Al HaDofek, a wide coalition
attempting to preserve and improve health care for all
Advocacy for the Jahalin Bedouin who have been
negotiating for decent living conditions after their
dwellings were bulldozed. 
Educational activities connected to human rights,
including the teaching in schools and on campus and
creating a Talmudic style commentary on Israel's
Declaration of Independence. 
Working with "Workers Hotline" to insure that foreign
workers who have suffered work related injuries are
aware of their rights and receive proper treatment. 

RHR is widely respected by journalists and other human
rights organizations, and is often quoted in
international media. 
RHR is the rabbinic voice of conscience in Israel. 
RHR was founded in 1988, in response to serious abuses
of human rights by the Israeli military authorities in
the suppression of the Intifada. The indifference of
much of the country's religious leadership and
religiously identified citizenry to the suffering of
innocent people seen as the enemy was a cause of
concern to RHR's organizers. 
Both the religious and the non-religious sectors of
the public need to be reminded that Judaism had
another face. Human rights abuses are not compatible
with the age-old Jewish tradition of humaneness and
moral responsibility or the Biblical concern for "The
stranger in your midst."--even in the face of the
danger to public order and safety which the uprising

Today our membership includes some ninety ordained
rabbis, plus a number of rabbinic students. 

Rabbis for Human Rights has no affiliation with any
political party or ideology. Its members are Israeli
RHR has helped numerous individuals, publicized
causes, engaged in civil disobedience, lobbied the
Knesset and participated in a landmark high court case
limiting the scope of the army to abuse human rights
under the guise of security. 
RHR to brings specific human-rights grievances to the
attention of the Israeli public and to pressure the
appropriate authorities for their redress. 

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