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> On Fri, Jan 18, 2002 at 07:44:29AM -0500, Snoopy wrote:
>> Does anyone happen to know the nut size for the studs that go from the head
>> to the heat exchangers on a pancake motor (73 to be precise)  I wanted to
>> see if I could find the 12 mm head nuts but need to know the size.
> I just picked up some Stainless Steel nuts (8mm) for this same thing. I
> couldn't find anyone that carried all-metal lock nuts so I opted for the
> all-metal stainless steel nut w/ lock washer. Has held great so far.

They are indeed M8.  The usual head size for M8 is 13mm, but 12mm is also
available.  The best self-locking nuts I have found are Aerotight stiff
nuts, which are available in stainless.  Don't ask me where you can get them
in the States though.

Dave Horrigan, Hull, England
1978 Devon Sundowner "Sally"

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