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> But first, I am going to try to fabricate a set
> of 'pull over' seat covers.  
> (The rear seat(s) will be a snap to make since
> I have been practicing my 
> sewing .)

I would think learing to sewing and sewing is
much more difficult than learning to use hog
rings and applying them.  Sewing and applying
covers Seems like the kind of job I'd only want
to do once.  

> On the way home last night, I stopped by a
> carpet/mattress store.  I asked 
> the owner if I could snag a mattress from the
> pile he was discarding 
> outside.  I was looking for, and I got, a foam
> mattress.  

Nice score and nice idea.  Hey, there is a
mattress factory just up the road.  (The little
wheels spin in the captain's head.)

Ray Nemo, the Bus Captain
Huntington, West Virginia
74 Westy- yet to be named
84 Vanagon- yet to be sold (sunroof & zbed/cushion BEST OFFER) Pics at 
(I'm now told you can only access these photo's if you have a yahoo account, but they 
are free.)

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