>Do you know..... it is hard to give up on a dream, but....

More to the point dreams change and Steve has his '67 now.

>John is right.  I have a roll in the basement that is enough to redo the
>upholstery on a whole bus.  My dream was that some day I would acquire a
>low-mile '78 deluxe westy.  I doubt that will be the case within the
>foreseeable future, though :-( If you have one and want this, let me know.
>I think that John sold it to me for $12/yard (John, let me know if I am
>wrong) and I will turn it over for that, but I want it to go to an
>end-user, chasing a dream like I was.  I do *not* want to see it on any
>auction site in 2 months!

I would HIGHLY encourage anyone wanting to redo a Marigold standard
'76-'78? to buy this stuff from Steve as frankly upholstery cloth is REAL
expensive.  I didn't fully realize this until I started looking for some gray
for my '95 EVC and noticed you can not buy ANYTHING for under $20/yd
and anything you want to buy is $30-$40/yd.  This stuff is NEW 54" wide
'76 manufacture VW cloth folks.  Considering idiots want $60 for a single
upper bunk cushion $12 a yard is a steal.  I honestly don't remember
what I paid back then for it I bought the two rolls from the Trim Shop for
something like $700 or so I recall and we split it up among 8-10 people
at the time at cost.  It seems to me it was about $12/yd or so, maybe a
bit more or a bit less I recall losing money on it by the time I paid for
boxes and all.  Somebody could dig through REAL old vanagon archives
if they really wanted to know what it cost.  It is mostly yellow and green
(1-1.5" stripes) with some orange and black (0.5" stripes.)  It wouldn't
be strictly correct in an orange or green westy but considering how tacky
this stuff is anyway (and I say that with love) if you recover the entire
bus it would go well enough.


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