Yes, the 1971 bus took the 1976 bus steering shaft. It was identical to the 
1971 shaft
except it fit the 1988 Porsche steering wheel. This is the last post from me 
to vintagebus about the Porsche steering wheel. Someone on vintagebus wanted 
to know whether the shaft fit. The answer is yes! and I'm thrilled.

To start the day, I went into the shop to get the handles to the 1976 bus and 
send them in to Steve Sandlin to get keys made. The 1971 bus had three keys 
and four doors. The driver's side door wouldn't lock, because I didn't have a 
key. I had just 
salvaged a steering shaft from a 1976 bus that I thought would fit the 
Porsche steering wheel.

Steve Sandlin said last nite the he could make me a set of keys that would 
fit all doors and the ignition, one-key-fits-all.  Steve's phone number is 
936-435-1324 in Huntsville, Texas. His price was very competitive at $12 for 
the first lock, $10 for each
additional lock, plus three keys total. The price for all this was $58, 
including shipping at $4.50 each times 2 jobs (I'm having the job done in two 
stages so that my bus will not set up too long with wire door handles). There 
are four doors to make keys for. 

I had thought that one part of the key fit the ignition and another part fit 
the doors. Steve told me that this was a buncha B.S. One key fits all (I once 
took a 1973
Thing door handle in to the Volkswagen Store in Dallas, and they made me a 
key that opened the door but failed on the ignition switch. It was explained 
to me at the time that the bottom part of the key fit the ignition and the 
top part fit the doors. I remember that this was correct, because I 
eventually had the ignition and door keys
combined into one key that fit both). But Steve told me that it needn't be 
that way, because he could make a key the first time that fit both the doors 
and ignition.

Anyhow, I went to the shop and inquired whether the hands had fit the Porsche 
steering wheel to the 1971 bus. "No! because yadda yadda yadda ...I was told 
the bus needed a square plate with 4 holes in it, because the old one was 
So, I went to Knights Foreign auto parts and got the part (plus a coupla 
grease zerks and one rubber O-ring for the Zwitter.

When I got back, I waited while they pulled the steering wheel shaft. This 
time, the 
electric portion of the ignition switch broke. I went back to Knight's and 
got the part.
When I returned, Scott fooled with the electric part of the switch for about 
an hour and 
couldn't get it to click into the mechanical part of the switch.

I took the whole steering shaft and the electric part of the switch back into 
Knight's. I waited about two hours as Angel tried everything imaginable to 
get it to go. Finally, Angel noted something about the electric part of the 
switch ... the replacement part had a plastic head on it, the bottom part of 
which had a small ridge on it. Leeroy
filed down the ridge and the electric part of the switch went right into 

It was a bad part that needed filing down so as to fit properly. We had tried 
two other
parts, and they too were badly manufactured. I learned something today, but 
unfortunately it took all day. I never did get the package off to Steve, but 
I will Monday 
via UPS. Sorry, Steve.

Don Garies

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