On Fri, 18 Jan 2002, Dart 330 wrote:

> Why does everyone want a 78?
> Nathan


Well, others have covered the mechanical advantages, but mine is not just
mechanical, it is emotional as well.  My first bus was a '78 passenger.  I
drove it from 39K miles to 205K miles.  Across the US twice, all over the
east coast.  I just loved it.  I'd like another, but have since owned a
string of Westies, and have fallen for the camping concept s well.

Interestingly, the only two mods I would make from dead stock on a '78
Westy are to replace the driver's side jalousie with the '78-9 only slider
(which the driver can open *while driving* to correct the breeze problem)
and I would try real hard to install the propane fridge from a vanagon.
Otherwise, I think the '76-79 westy layout is perfect, I think the '78
hydraulic lifters are perfect and I think the '76-78 exhaust is
acceptable.  No year is perfect, but '78 is just my favorite.

                           Steve Dolan

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