offering: White 72 bus in Alameeda,CA (oakland),camper interior..

I've got a white 72 bus in Alameeda,Ca (Oakland) ...the motor is toast(rod 
or bearing), but may be able to be driven up to 20 miles or so possibly.  I 
MAY HAVE A '72 MOTOR for you for 500 or 600 bucks if you care to put it in. 
newly rebuilt top end by reputable shop. but don't call for the motor only, 
i'm already on it.  you can email me about that if you want to and we'll see 
what happens.

body:nothing special...usable, but some damage. old paint, lot's of light 
rust color starting to come through slowly.  cracked winshield, pulled a 
dent in driver's front, so lot's of little holes., but no problem with rain.
i would drive it.  I've driven this bus all around the country and back 
again. own a legendpop. top doesn't pop.

tires worn
tranny good
brakes are there, but not new, master cylinder is fine
no speedo,manual turn signals, no wiper motor, clutch has 20,000 on it.
heads are probably still good (20,000), had 2 helicoils, but no problems 
with them.

may include dellorto carbs 36 or 42...linkage worn but worked.
i may keep em, but make an offer

make me an offer. serious inquires call 415-648-5829 or email. this needs to 
happen fast.


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