[EMAIL PROTECTED] says of watercooled Bus conversions:

> its more  work then you think,

Oh trust me, I know exactly how much work it is because I'm doing one. Right
now it runs but it ain't presentable.

The radiator sits on a little frame I made from black-iron pipe with steel
tabs welded to it in various strategic places; these tabs hold the frame to
the Bus chassis and the radiator to the frame. Mounted to the radiator tabs
is a Ford pickup radiator. There's five inches between the back of the
radiator and the front of the Bus. I haven't decided how to hide the
radiator--build a fake spare tire or make a Mexican-style black fiberglass
shroud? Decisions, decisions. The Mexican-style shroud's pretty cool,

Moving the fluid to the engine are two stainless pipes the same outside
diameter as the inside diameter of my radiator hoses. Solves the problem of
trying to adapt the hose to the radiator hoses. These run right inside the
frame rails.

There's the engine out of a Taurus back there. It has 135hp. Recommend not
nailing the gas; easy acceleration is fine but just romping on it will do
bad things to your clutch. It's sitting on a Kennedy adapter plate.

You need an electric fuel pump to feed the beast. I got one from a FLAPS.
It's a Bendix. I just asked for a fuel injection pump for a car that doesn't
have the pump in the gas tank, and they fixed me up. Not sure what it was
supposed to go on. I did the return by fiddling with the gas-filler
connector on the tank.

The exhaust system isn't done yet, but I'm doing what the gentleman who did
the Vortec conversion did--cat under one battery box, muffler under the
other, pipes looped around the engine.


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