H Steven Dolan wrote:

> My bad...  it is gone, I think.  I had 4 responses within 1/2 hour
> and Dave Wolfanger and Richard Atwell have reserves on it.  Bill  
> Monk and Gail Doles also spoke, but it is the wrong plaid for 
> their buses.

Hey there volks,

If anyone is interested in what plaid goes in what year/color westy,
I've been *slowly* working on a page that covers that subject:

(thanks to Steve, Karl, and others for the input/pics for this page).

Since Santa brought me a nice digital camera for christmas (yeah
right, I bought it for myself), I'll be able to get some better
photos of westfalia plaid.

So if you see some goofy guy taking pictures of the plaid in westys
at the New England shows this year, please say hello ('cause that'll
be me).


John M. Perry - Massachusetts
94 Ford T-bird - 4.6L, auto, FI
79 VW Westfalia Lagwagen - 2.0L, 4spd, FI

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