Tyler sends:

> The black wire goes to the right side of the compartment and joins some other
> wires into a thicker wire and goes toward the front of the bus. Does anybody
> know what this wire is? I didn't see it on any of my wiring diagrams. Also I
> have been trying to do the timing with the test light method and can't get the
> light to light up. I have cleaned the points seveeral times and still can't
> getit to work. After I finished the rest of the tuneup( OIl change, Plugs,
> Wires,Fan Belt, Valve adjustment, Fuel Hoses) the car won't start. I think it
> has something to do with that black wire that is no longer connected to the 1
> side of the coil. I am not crazy about reconnecting the wire because I don't
> want to melt the stuff all over again. Any thoughts?

Hook that wire to the side of the coil that your points are not connected to
and start your Bus. This is the wire that carries electricity from the key
switch to your engine, and if it's not hooked up to the side of the coil
that your points are not, your Bus won't run. (It's a minus sign, not a 1.)


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