I may not understand the need or particular use of a block heater in this case, so 
excuse the following if that is the case.

For many years I drove a diesel powered vehicle in very cold conditions and would be 
unable to get it to  start on the coldest mornings. There were some fancy ways to 
defeat the problem, but the best (simplest, cheapest) was to mount a standard light 
bulb under the hood and run an extension cord to a 120 source at night (or a 12 volt 
bulb powered by the house bank). This kept the engine from getting super cold and it
started easily every time.

Hope this helps.

Kindest Regards,

Sean Coghlan wrote:

> Hello again all listees, just moved back from Victoria, BC Canada (on the wet west 
>coast) for those who don't know shangri-la to icy Calgary, Alberta (hi Courtney).  
>I'm badly in need of a block heater for my '76 bus.  I've looked high & low on every 
>website I know (, bus depot, etc) and nobody has them.  Not very surprising 
>as how many people drive their busses in the winter?  That is, true winter, Canuk 
> I've seen magnetic ones at FLAPS which are around 3" wide and 5" long which could 
>mount on the bottom of the engine but I don't know how much heat would actually 
>transmit through to the oil.
> Anyone have any suggestions or a block heater around?
> PS-Courtney, I'll expand on the "teachers drive busses", I work in education too & 
>you're right.  If they're not driving one, they're wanting one. ;)

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