--- H Steven Dolan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> the theory of the vac
> advance/retard distributor is that the advance
> side gets ported vacuum and
> the retard side gets manifold vacuum.  Manifold
> vacuum is easy to get on
> most carbs/intake manifolds.  If you tap into
> the carb or intake manifold
> below the throttle butterfly, that is manifold
> vacuum.  It will (or
> should) be at ~15-17" at idle and will drop
> when you goose the engine,
> then rise when the throtle shuts.  Ported
> vacuum is on most carbs, but not
> all.  The inlet for this will be right at and
> slightly above the throttle
> butterfly.  At idle it will measure near 0" of
> vacuum and the vacuum level
> will rise as you open the throttle.

Steve and List Volks,

Ohhhh, now my head hurts.  I was feeling very
comfortable with the top port (on the right of
the carb) attaching to the advance on the dizzy. 
And the other vacuum port attaching to the lower
one (on the left of the carb).  

My concern all along is that there is this other
port, which appears to be vacuum and is currently
capped off, below the air cleaner assembly on the
thing that connects the two carbs.   Now I'm not
sure that even the advance vacuum line is

Steve, I guesss first I need to know whether port
or manifold connects to the advance on the dizzy.
 I really do not want to buy a vacuum guage. 
Maybe I will have to.  

Anyone have a stock dual solex setup that can
take a look at there carbs and dizzy for me?  


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