Lady Magoo drove Bessie & I drove the Rudy the 1960DC with the new canopy
The Weather was a little cool-- But the BBB VI was "Hot"!! No doubt the VW
Bus shows are one of the friendliest VW shows around--On several occasions I
saw VW Stuff  - Given - to someone when they asked the price!! Lady Magoo
made the special VW Bus Blanket that received a $200 bid from Kyle - with
all the proceeds going to The Kids! Bless you Kyle-- I found a very cool
Wolfsburg metal licence plate frame from Chris--for Zero money--we just made
a trade. Its an American plate frame with "Mountain View" on the top and
"Wolfsburg" on the bottom.  Any idea where its from? As always a VW Bus show
was Camping and Eating Orgy!!
spagetti and meat balls by the Arizona VW Bus Club--Tacos by John
Howard--Pancakes by the Boy Scouts--The smell of ribs--burgers--chicken--and
even baked beans for the vegatarians. Kyle and Evan DID go onto the Lake in
"Questionable"? attire--But mere words cannot describe that! You Had to be
there--Sort of like two Bay Windows going through a flooded car wash!~ --
Yes, it was all there and captured on film--We all had fun and The Kids were
the winners-- Bless The London Bridge Bullies for a Vantastic show--

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