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CGO (IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Code Generation and 
Optimization) is explicitly trying to broaden their focus to include 
more work on formal methods for compiler and optimization technology.  
Hence, contributions from the types community are strongly encouraged.  
In particular, the following topics are most suitable for submission to CGO:

-- typed intermediate languages, typed assembly language and 
proof-carrying code
-- type-preserving and type-directed optimization
-- semantics-preserving compilers and compiler verification
-- safe, secure or provably correct run-time systems

  ***                                                            ***
  ***      Fifth Annual IEEE/ACM International Symposium on      ***
  ***          CODE GENERATION and OPTIMIZATION (CGO-5)          ***
  ***                                                            ***
  ***         March 11-14, 2007  -  San Jose, California         ***
  ***                                                            ***
  ***                     http://www.cgo.org                     ***
  ***                                                            ***
  ***                      CALL FOR PAPERS                       ***
  ***                                                            ***
  ***    Submission deadline: Friday Sept. 8, 2006 at 6pm EDT.   ***
  ***                                                            ***


The International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization (CGO)
provides a premier venue to bring together researchers and
practitioners working on feedback-directed optimization and back-end
compilation techniques.  The conference covers optimization for
parallelism, performance, power, and security, where that optimization
occurs in the mapping from an input (including APIs, high-level
languages, byte codes such as .NET or Java, or ISAs) to a similar or
lower-level target machine representation.

Papers are solicited in areas that support such mapping and

- Compilers, back-end code generators, translators, binary
  optimization tools and runtime environments; static, dynamic,
  adaptive, or continuous techniques
- Innovative analysis, transformation, and optimization techniques
- Profiling and feedback-directed methodologies
- Memory management, including data distribution, synchronization and
- Thread extraction and thread-level speculation, especially for
  multi-core systems
- Vertical integration of language features, representations,
  optimizations, and runtime support for parallelism (including
  support for transactional semantics, efficient message passing, and
  dynamic thread creation)
- Phase detection and analysis techniques
- Mechanisms and optimization techniques supporting the efficient
  implementation of security protection models, reliability and energy
- Traditional compiler optimizations
- Intermediate representations that enable more powerful or efficient
- Hardware mechanisms and systems that implement or assist in any of
  the above
- Experiences with real dynamic optimization and compilation systems,
  particularly with large, complex applications
- Explorations of trade-offs concerning when (static/dynamic) and
  where (software/hardware) to optimize
- Particularly novel ideas of interest to this community

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Friday Sept. 8, 2006 at 6pm EDT.

There is an automatic extension to Sept. 15th, 2006.  There will be no
other extensions.  Submit one electronic copy of your 6000-word paper
in PDF format.  Please visit the website for paper format guidelines
and submission instructions.  Notification of acceptance will occur by
November 8th.


General Co-Chairs                      Program Committee
-----------------                      -----------------
Roy Ju, AMD                            Ali Adl-Tabatabai, Intel
Scott Mahlke, Michigan                 Matthew Arnold, IBM
                                       David August, Princeton
Program Co-Chairs                      Andy Ayers, Microsoft
-----------------                      David Bacon, IBM
David August, Princeton                Ras Bodik, Berkeley
Chris J. Newburn, Intel                David Chase, Sun
                                       Cliff Click, Azul Systems
Local Arrangements Chair               Robert Cohn, Intel
------------------------               Jeff Collard, HP Labs
Margarita Outley, Intel                Tom Conte, NC State
                                       Jack Davidson, Virginia
Workshops/Tutorials Chair              Jim Dehnert, Google
-------------------------              Evelyn Duesterwald, IBM
David Tarditi, Microsoft               Carol Eidt, Microsoft
                                       Matthew Frank, UIUC
Registration Chair                     Seth Goldstein, CMU
------------------                     Antonio Gonzalez, Intel
Nancy Warter-Perez, CSULA              Rajiv Gupta, Arizona
                                       Mary Hall, USC/ISI
Publicity Chair                        Kim Hazelwood, Virginia
---------------                        Maurice Herlihy, Brown
Jens Knoop, TU Vienna, Austria         Wei Hsu, Minnesota
                                       Richard Johnson, NVIDIA
Publications Chair                     Teresa Johnson, HP
------------------                     Jens Knoop, TU Vienna, Austria
Jeff Collard, HP Labs                  Christos Kozyrakis, Stanford
                                       Chandra Krintz UCSB
Finance Chair                          Olof Lindholm, BEA
-------------                          Toshio Nakatani, IBM
Richard Johnson, NVIDIA                Chris J. Newburn, Intel
                                       Diego Novillo, Red Hat
Web Chair                              Michael Paleczny, Sun
---------                              Keshav Pingali, Cornell
Michal Cierniak, Google                Michael D. Smith, Harvard
                                       David Tarditi, Microsoft
Student Advocate                       Olivier Temam, INRIA
----------------                       David Walker, Princeton
Teresa Johnson, HP                     Cliff Young, DE Shaw
                                       Ben Zorn, Microsoft

                      Steering Committee
         Brad Calder, UC San Diego    Tom Conte, NC State
         Evelyn Duesterwald, IBM      Wen-mei Hwu, Illinois
         Chris J. Newburn, Intel      Michael D. Smith, Harvard
         Ben Zorn, Microsoft

CGO is co-sponsored by IEEE Computer Society TC-uARCH and ACM SIGMICRO
In cooperation with ACM SIGPLAN.

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