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          Ackermann Award 2007

Nominations are sollicted for the Ackermann Award 2007.

The EACSL Outstanding Dissertation Award for Logic in Computer Science
(The Ackermann Award) will be presented to
the recipients at the annual conference of the EACSL (CSL'07).
The jury is entitled to give more than one award
per year. The first Ackermann Award was presented at CSL'05.

The 2005 recipients were
Mikolaj Bojanczyk
Konstantin Korovin
Nathan Segerlind

The 2006 recipients were
Stefan Milius
Balder ten Cate

A detailed report, citations and short bibliographies may be
found in the proceedings of CSL'05 and of CSL'06,
or at


Eligible for the 2007 Ackermann Award are PhD dissertations in
topics specified by the EACSL and LICS conferences, which were
formally accepted as PhD theses at a university or equivalent
institution between 1.1.2005 and 31.12.2006.

The deadline for submission is 31.1.2007.

Submission details are available at

The award consists of

* a diploma,
* an invitation to present the thesis at the CSL conference,
* the publication of the abstract of the thesis and the laudatio
   in the CSL proceedings,
* travel support to attend the conference.

The jury consists of seven members:

* The president of EACSL, J. Makowsky (Haifa);
* The vice-president of EACSL, D. Niwinski (Warsaw);
* One member of the LICS organizing committee, S. Abramnsky (Oxford);
* B. Courcelle (Bordeaux);
* E. Graedel (Aachen);
* M. Hyland (Cambridge);
* A. Razborov (Moscow and Princeton).

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