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Mathematical Structures in Computer Science

Special Issue on

Isomorphisms of Types and Invertibility of Lambda-Terms

Guest Editors: Ralph Matthes and Sergei Soloviev, Toulouse

Call for contributions

The study of invertibility of lambda-terms and related subjects such
as isomorphisms of types, retractions and subtyping takes an important
place in type theory. It is related to number theory, algebra and
category theory, and it has applications to information retrieval
systems, automatic code generation, data transformation, coding and

This special issue is a continuation of the series opened by the
special issue of MSCS on Isomorphisms of Types published in 2005
(vol. 15, no. 5, Oct. 2005). Partly it is intended as a post-proceedings
of WIT2005, a "Types" workshop at IRIT, Toulouse


but the contributions are subject to normal refereeing procedure and
not limited to the papers presented by the participants of that workshop.


Deadline for submissions:     6 December 2006
Author's notification:     4 April 2007
Special issue's publication:     Winter 2007/Spring 2008


The submissions should be sent in PDF or Postscript to the guest
editors via email: {matthes, [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Extended versions of work previously published in conference
proceedings are eligible for submission but authors should make it
clear how their submission improves upon the conference publication;
in those cases where Cambridge University Press is not the publisher
of the original conference proceedings, authors should take care to
avoid infringing that publisher's copyright. Authors who wish to
discuss potential submissions are encouraged to contact the guest

The Mathematical Structures in Computer Science journal's policy is to
impose restrictions in advance neither on the number of papers nor
their length. However, as the special issue will contain approximately
180 pages, it is anticipated that it will contain a mixture of papers
of between 15 and 45 pages.

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