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The MIMOSA team at INRIA Sophia Antipolis is offering a PhD position for 
3 years. The main research direction in MIMOSA is on programming 
languages for concurrent and mobile systems, from theory to practice. 
See our web page:


The topic of the proposed thesis is language-based security, and more 
specifically the confidentiality dimension (access control and 
information flow control). A first step is to design and implement a 
polymorphic security type system for a high-level programming language 
of the reactive family (again see our web page), including 
declassification constructs. Another topic of study is the application 
of language-based security techniques to the (JAVA based) FRACTAL 
component model developped at France Télécom R&D. This part of the work 
is supported by a contract with France Télécom.

Candidates must have a Master diploma (five years of studies at 
university), with a good knowledge of high-level programming languages 
(CAML, JAVA), including knowledge about semantics and type systems. Some 
familiarity with computer security would also be welcome. The candidates 
should send their application, including a cv, motivations, and names of 
university teachers or scientific referees to


with a copy to


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