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A position of Professor is likely to be opened next year at Ecole
Normale Superieure de Lyon. The hired candidate will work in the
LIP laboratory (Laboratoire d'Informatique du Parallelisme). 

The LIP hosts a research team, called Plume (see
http://www.ens-lyon.fr/LIP/PLUME/index.html.en), working on the theory
of programming languages, on proof theory, and on proof assistants --
hence this announcement to the types mailing list.

The Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS) de Lyon is one of the leading
academical institutions for computer science in France. We welcome
few, carefully selected students. Being professor at ENS Lyon is hence
a priviledged position from a teaching perspective.  A certain fluency
in French is required for the position.

There is no specific profile as far as research is concerned, provided
the research area fits in the rather broad themes mentioned above. The
main criterion will be the scientific level of the candidate.

The position will be opened around February 2007, with decisions taken
around June 2007, and job starting in September 2007.

But there is a preliminary phase called ** qualification **, through
which all candidates to academic positions in France have to go.  This
procedure consists of an evaluation of both research and teaching
experience of candidates in view of their potential application to a
position in a French university. The first phase of this (rather
light) procedure has started on September 11, 2006, and

          *** closes on October 16, 2006 ***

and is entirely electronical
The section of qualification should be number 27 (computer science).

This quickly approaching first deadline is the main reason for the
present early announcement.

I suggest potential candidates should contact me (now!), and I also
encourage colleagues to point me to interesting potential candidates
fitting the criteria.

With best regards,

Daniel Hirschkoff


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